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Default Samsung 305T (plus) and fine color works


Have anybody an experience with Samsung 305T (plus) and fine color works?
I mean Photoshop and CAD applications.
I dream to get 30 inch monitor for fine CAD and graphical color works,
but I'm afraid I can see an excessive color shifting effect (305T is based on S-PVA, non S-IPS panel).
So, could anybody comment if 305T color shift effect is acceptable for Photoshop works or not?
And second thing - what about tiredness of eyes when we're working with 305T?
Especially when we're working with text or with big white surfaces at ArchiCAD diagrams etc.
I know it's real big issue for many types of monitors, firstly for monitors based on LG.Philips S-IPS/H-IPS panels -
there we can see a discomfort sparkling at big homogeneous white surfaces and such visual effect provokes an eyes tiredness quickly.
any comments, considerations about Samsung 305T (plus) will be very appreciated!
Thanks a lot in advance!


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