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A 4870 is WAY more than enough for video editing, you can definitely save money there.

I suggest you consider getting a few HDDs to spread out your I/O.
Get at least three WD Blacks 640GB.
Put OS on the first one, all programs (that you can) on the second one, then use the third for your scratch, data like Documents etc., and a place to store drivers and other stuff.
On the third disk set a partition as a Frag partition, say 20GB, that's way more than enough. You can set most of your programs to use a custom folder for temp files. If you still want a pagefile, set it there too. Remember to use sub-folders to keep it all organized.
You'll end up with lots of wasted space, but you I/O will be way better!!!
Consider having a few partitions on your Programs HDD, like Office, Security, Maintenance and Analyzing, Internet, Editing, bla bla bla... That way you can manage fragmentation better!

Also, please get yourself a Pioneer>LG burner.
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