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My System Specs


For high def video editing, you're going to want some more space! And more hard drive speed, that will be your speed limiter for sure. I suggesting getting 2 drives and setting up a RAID 0, and then another drive for storage (backup).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but video editing doesn't take much GPU power at all, since it's not 3D rendering, why the need for a 4870, even 2 of them? If you were to get it anyways it would drive both of those monitors just fine for video editing. I suggest something with less power to save on costs since you won't be gaming.

I also suggest getting something other than the Zalman cooler, they're overpriced for their performance, the thermalright ultra extreme 120 is a tad cheaper than the zalman 9900, about the same price as the 9700, and offers better cooling (especially better than the 9700). Be sure that it will fit in your case, though. It will also give you some headroom for temperatures if you are planning to overlock (which you should definitely do with an i7, free speed, eh?)

And that power supply will power that machine without a hiccup. Corsair makes quality PSU's.

Hope this helped... and someone please verify that you don't need a beefy GPU for video editing? You could get away with a much less powerful video card... like the passive cooled 4670 since you're worried about noise.

Oh and:

It is not very difficult to put the CPU in the socket, however if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT! You could risk bending the pins on the socket, but if you're very very careful you'll be just fine. And mounting the thermalright ultra extreme 120 is very simple, you just put the bracket through it, and put the screws into the backplate. Just have to be careful not to swish around your thermal paste application!

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