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Default Building a new pc for video editing

Brand new on this forum. First post!

I'm planning a new build to be used primarily for video editing pc, no games, with:

Intel i7 2.66 and zalman cpu cooler, arctic silver paste
Asus P6T motherboard
6 Gb OCZ ddr3 1600 memory
vista 64bit
Corsair 650w power 80+ supply in mid tower case
LG Blue ray burner
Seagate barracuda 750 Gb 7200rpm hard drive
Internal card reader w/front audio, mic, USB 2.0, firewire and esata ports
Two Asus 24" monitors, 1920x1200 resolution

I'm going to use this pc for Hi Def video editing across the two 24" Asus lcd monitors at 1920x1200 each and want to use a single Asus HD 4870 512kb video card which has two dvi outs to pan across one large 'desktop'.

I won't be using this system for games!

I haven't yet ordered the components. This is only my fifth build in the last ten years and it's been a while so I had a few questions:

1.) Is it difficult to mount the cpu to the mboard, and the cooler to the cpu?

2.) Is the HD 4870 up to driving both these large 24" monitors simultaneously?

3.) Is my power supply adequate? It's amperage ratings seem higher than most of the other 'top' power supplies at the same wattage.

4.) If down the road I want to add another identical HD 4870, will the both fit side by side in the P6T? I read the three PCIe 2.0 x 16 (at x16/x16/x4 mode) are very close together, and that the Asus 4870 runs HOT, so I'm thinking they'll either not fit next to each other at all, or will be so close that heat will be a problem.

5.) Will this pc be loud? I'm not familiar with Corsair power supplies or Asus video card fans.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions.
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