Thread: Want to Sell EK-Waterblocks "car pool" order
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Originally Posted by Dazmode View Post
I have to charge tax because I'm a business, not private sale type of deal: GST/HST for all Canadians, plus PST for Ontario only. Duties is my problem, I have to pay it anyway and I have a good broker (so i don't plan to pass it along). But getting free shipping from Slovenia is big deal .... can be as high as +20% on couple thousand order and wven worse for couple blocks.

I've asked EK if they can sell me NB/SB part only. I assume we are talking about X58 mobo... Are you looking for Acetal or Plexi?

I'm also puzzled as Gigabyte has integrated heatsink for both NB/SB + MOSFET... if you put NB/SB only, what you do with MOSFET? Passive heatsinks?
Thanks for the reply. Let me take a look and see exactly what im looking to do first.

Nope i wont need for the MOSFETs since im aircooling them already

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