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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
They weren't "fake" hardware reviews I was thinking of, I was thinking of the stink over sites that promised more space for more advertising money.
Now there I agree with you. It often bothers me when I see a site which will post a review and then change the advertiser on their main page the exact same day. It goe ssomething like this:

Day 1:
Review of XFX GPU
Banner for XFX featured prominently on the site

Day 2:
Review of Asus Mobo
Banner for Asus featured prominently on the site

Day 3:
Review of OCZ PSU
Banner for OCZ featured prominently on the site

To me that smacks of the site asking the manufacturer for advertising money in order for them to review the product. That pretty much eliminates the chance of an unbiased review.

You will also see that on many sites their main advertisers get very positive reviews while their secondary advertisers don't. I have a list here that I complied for over a year of two large review websites and the patterns are pretty shocking. I won't name names but I was VERY disappointed.

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