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Originally Posted by Pelt View Post
Just recieved mine today. Gee I was wondering if you guys could maybe package this a little better...I'm not sure 8 x 10 padded envelope and an anti-static padded pouch inside is enough protection for a 5 cm tube of TIM. Maybe next time you could use a wardrobe box filled with packing peanuts just to be on the safe side,lol. (the preceding message was a sarcasitc comment aimed at the obviously OCD HWC shipping dudes and was of course all for fun)

But seriously couldn't you guys save a few bucks for yourselves, and stream line the packaging? Not that I'm really complaining I'm all for going overboard but this must somehow affect your bottom line.
Silver is conductive - wouldn't want any ESD hampering cooling performance

But seriously, you underestimate the incompetence of some postal company's, especially if they are shipping UPS.... in that case, the packaging really would be lacking
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