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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 1Tanker View Post
***drools*** Sexy! Did you choose beige? I'm not used to seeing anything but black anymore...the way it was with beige. Cable-management should be a breeze in that puppy. Some cable-ties, less-than 1/2 hour and your golden.
i was hoping to hide them out of sight,maybe a box of some sort in front of psu or drill a hole and run/ hide them under the case ,im still undecided

Originally Posted by cwestwell View Post
I think that is white....not old PC beige....there is someone else drifting around here with an awesome white water cooled UFO.
correct its opti 1203-gloss white
Originally Posted by kyle_L View Post
its actually a deep dark purple.
ohh. looks black on my lcd
Originally Posted by Sagex0 View Post
Wow dude you have dual NZXT Sentry LX's? How did you get both to run at the same time? That's pretty impressive lol. LCD madness!
ran 10 separate fans ,but im thinking of removing 1,it wasn't quite what i had pictured

Originally Posted by Toronto122 View Post
That looks amazing...

look up Microsoft Powertoy Image Resizer...
It's a simple right click on a pic and voila...instant resizing!
are they to big?
i'll try resizing

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