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My System Specs


Go with the Phenom II 720 and a HD4850. Should keep you within budget and will do everything you want. If you are going get a HD4870 1GB, you'd be better off getting the HD4890 instead IMO.

My HD4850 plays every game on like maximum settings on my 22" (1680x1050), so if you can suffice with mid-high settings, then it should last you longer.

If you want proper AM3 support, you have to go DDR3.

And OS wise, you might want to consider running Windows 7 RC (due out in May) and run that until it comes out. Saves you money now which you could put towards a HD4870 or HD4890.

Also OC'ing on the AMD platform is pretty easy, you could just install Overdrive and let it do everything for you.
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