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Default Looking at Netbooks, need opinions.

Hey guys, im looking for a decent netbook for my girlfriend to use for school and on trips. I have sort of narrowed it down to 2 models right now, the MSI wind U100 6-cell or the Asus EEE PC 1000HA 6-cell. She has a dell laptop now thats about a year in a half old and she doesnt like how heavy it is to lug around and would really like something with more then a max 3 hour battery life.

This will be used primarily for word processing, web browsing, MSN, and maybe music. No gaming at all but she may want to watch some non HD videos on it (480i).

So does anyone know much about either of these models or their makers? Im not to sure how Asus and MSI have been doing lately in the Customer service/support areas. We have already messed around with the Acer Ones but dont like them much, the keypads need work and as does the touch pad. I know the 1000HA\HEs have the dual finger touch pad thing but from what ive read they run a tad slower because of this option.

Anyways any opinions would be great guys =)
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