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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I realized last night that I wasn't using my CPU client properly.... or I'm using the wrong one. I've now run 4 copies of it with different machine ID's and all the cores are locked out at 100% usage.

I should be able to recruit a few more machines yet....

I love the CPU client, absolutely no noticeable difference from having it run. Unfortunately I can't run the GPU client the same time I game.... or at least I need to pause the CPU clients and then *maybe* the GPU client would run smoothly....
It sounds like you are running 4 instances of the Classic/Uniprocessor client, if it works for you great. However since you have a quad you will usually get more ppd by running the SMP client since it is designed for quads.

If you want to try the SMP client you can get it here; Folding@home - DownloadWinOther
It is a beta and a little more ...challenging to use.

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