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My System Specs


That will probably be the best HTPC card for a while. If I build a silent HTPC, that would be what I would buy. The passive temperatures fully justify the price.

SKYMTL, your AVIVO page on the reviews still mentions the 4670 vs. the 9500GT. You should change that up to compare the 4850 to the 9800GTX. Just a little copy/paste error, that's all. I know you don't have all the time in the world to write the same thing over again in this world.

Also, what I'd like to ask is why they put VGA integrated onto the card, instead of having two DVI-D with a DVI to VGA adapter. It was kind of confusing when you said "you'll see why on the next page", but the answer was kind of a detriment to the actual card itself. Doesn't VGA have less bandwidth than DVI?

EDIT: Let me add to this. The card produces digital signals, then converts to analog for VGA, then back to digital for DVI? Doesn't make sense to me.
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