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First, I know this is a few week late, but what this thread says to do is NOT safe. There's a reason why Microsoft doesn't default access to include the EVERYONE group on the Security tab. Not intending to be mean or anything, but anyone with even a basic understanding of computer security will know why.

As defined by best security practices across not just the computer world, but also professional, business, property, military, civil, etc - "Go from most secure to least secure". What this means is only give access to SPECIFIC people, accounts, users AS NEEDED and WHEN NEEDED. This is not just a concept used by Microsoft. It's used by banks, military, anyone who follows standardized security practices.

Do you lock your house? Do you lock your car? Do you keep your bank PINs secret from others? Do you use security like WPA on your WiFi router? I hope you said yes to all of those.

If you do, you understand basic security. Allowing the EVERYONE group to have full access to your X$ share is just plain dumb. It's as dumb as leaving your house or car unlocked.

By doing so, you are leaving your local drive and all it's files accessible to viruses, etc.

Yes, this may inconvienence you. Yes, you may not understand why you can no longer do something you've always done since you didn't understand why it was a bad idea.

What you should do is this. Create folders and share those. Sure, it's more work, but it's just as easy to connect to and then you don't have to worry about something destroying all the data on your drive. This is how I do it and have done it for years. But, I'm a network engineer and instructor so I've had this training.
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