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My System Specs


Alright, I missed this thread when I applied for the tags. I fold under the name Gunny_Highway (Cookie for whoever can tell me where that's from), stats are here: Folding@Home
I'm using this rig as a gaming/folding rig, and I do game quite a bit, so I'm using 4 Unicore clients for my Q9400 @ 3.6GHz so that I can still fold with 3 cores while playing my Source bssed games and 1-2 cores with newer games. Also, deadlines are longer so I don't have to worry that during gaming pausing one or two of them will cause a missed deadline. I also use the GPU2 client for my GTX260, which I believe what I'm going to start trying is folding with a small bit of power while gaming, instead of pausing the thing completely. I get (according to FahMON) aabout 6.5-7K PPD for the video card and a combined total of about 1.2K PPD when all four are running.
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<martin_metal_88> I think I am gonna sell my server
<firebane> i will offer pereniums mom
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<Keltron> slightly is an understatement
<LPfan4ever> Who're you kidding...slightly?
<martin_metal_88> peri's mom, slightly used? lol...

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