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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MithosMars View Post
I just joined your team under the user name MithosMars. I'm new to folding and I'm excited about helping out a great cause.

Is it supposed to use 100% of my processor? I have it set to use 100% in the settings. It seems to only be using 15 - 30% of mine. I have an i7 920 OC @ 3.4GHz.
Which client are you using ??

The 'classic' or uniprocessor client can only use one core at a time. If you're using the SMP client it can only use 4 cores and wll still not max out your cpu.

Your best bet is two[2] SMP instances for max points.

If you need more help start a new thread, there's lots of folks that will be glad to advise.

Welcome to the Team...
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