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Default 9800GTX from EVGA get bottlenecked by my CPU?

I have a Athlon 64X2 3800 at 2.01GHz CPU, the EVGA 9800GTX card, 4Gb of Muskin Ram, and a monitor at 1440X900 resolution. Lately i have been downloading and trying out demos from steam and the disc from the PC Gamer Magazine. However, I discovered that my PC can't really run game demos, such as Bioshock, Empire: Total War, and Codename Panzer -Cold War, really smooth at high settings. As a result, i am wondering that is it that my ancient duo core CPU is bottlenecking my 9800GTX card. Moreover, at high settings, i actually get 60FPS in Bioshock, but the framerate often drops to 10FPS once every 5s to 10sec. Thus, the Bioshock demo kindof runs laggy for me. My computer can also only get 10FPS to 15FPS in Codename Panzers demo. Nevertheless, i can run Tom Clacy's Hawx demo at 40FPS smoothly without problems. Fallout 3 and Dawn of War II (full game) also runs pretty good on high settings for me. Generally, i am wondering that is it that my CPU is too slow and bottleneck my 9800GTX card. Or is it that i run the games at 1440X900 that cause the unsmoothless and sudden drop of FPS in games.
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