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mk, ive used folding-at-home b4, how do I register points to win exactley?

edit- oh, and for some odd reason with the folding-at-home GPU one, my video processor only makes noises when its being used... but the odd thing is that it processes, stops (for ~.5 seconds) processes, stops (for ~.5 seconds), and keeps doing that... and it makes noises as it processes, so its not one continual sound, its broken up by the .5 second pause... does it make noises for you guys/stutter like that?

edit#2- I set the folding-at-home (GPU) to go 100%, fixed the problem, and the noise is actually quieter :)

im using both GPU and CPU, an OC'ed 4870 (830 core, 1075 x 4 for memory)

CPU is at 4ghz (e8400)

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