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except that if he has MKV's they won't play natively on a PS3 as the PS3 doesn't support it. If you have a budget of $400 bucks get a popcornhour then just stream it from your desktop pc or install a HDD in it if you like. I have one. and it works marvelously. once you add in shipping, exchange and import fees it comes out around your budget.

Welcome To Popcorn Hour

i think ncix also sells them but their stock is extremely limited. When i bought my a couple of years ago it took 6-8 weeks to come to me and cost me around 280 - $300 for it.

Other wise if you want to use the PS3 you will need to either convert the mkv's to a format the ps3 supports or use something like ps3 media server or tvversity to transcode it.
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