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Default Ultra XconnectVS and Ultra V series

bought used 400watt Ultra XconnectVS on 2009 for about 25.00 usd after a day of installation.... psu Fan dead. dont spin. before fan dead... played ut3 and tomb raider underworld with it max setting. while running one of these games.... loud noise of computer. smell like plastic burning. notice smell comes from computer case. then notice the fan of the psu dont spin. still can run and everything is fine except psu fan dont spin.

unit looks and feels heavy like a high quality. fan is shiny black and looks thin.... i like it thick like 7900gtx's fan.

x2 4400
8800 gts g92

bought refurbish 350watt Ultra V series on 2006 at retail store for about 30.00 usd. works flawless untill 2009 psu fan stop spinning. loud noise when gaming. feels lagg. and sometimes system dont boot. but still working but some issues. stability issues. not bad. last pretty long.

athlon64 3200

amateur review.
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