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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Please do. I'm very interested to see if anybody else is experiencing the same type of behaviour with this tim. I looked closely at it because I noticed that the load temps of the IC7 during benching seemed to indicate temps which were generally lower than the max temps I was getting. Seems to me somebody else mentioned temps which fluctuated by a fairly wide margin as well (edit: Found the post I was thinking about... Innovation Cooling 7 Carat Diamond TIM Test results thread *NOW ACCEPTING RESULTS!!* ).

I suppose it could just be the mount I'm getting, but I'm theorizing that the IC7 medium might allow temp changes to transmit faster and that a WC loop wicks away heat fast enough for that to show up in the graphs.

I also noticed that the idle temps seemed to drop faster with the IC7 mount during the 30 minute cool down after load testing.

Same thing Happened to me SS, I got a slight drop Initially , and then after the Hour long Prime Burn , I showed Better Temps right at the end.
The only one that gave me a World of issues was the AMD Mount, I got fluctuating Results until I got it seated properly (IC7 Wasn't Exclusive, It was a matter of getting the Right Spread , OCZ Freeze and Ultra Thermal have done the Same to me in the past).

All in all, it looks promising in the end.


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