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Default Can't find the solution...

Yesterday i installed two new programs and some time later i started hearing a sound from the speakers, every few seconds, something sounding like "thump" or "tom" (not a "ding" or "dung" ) that one hears when Windows or other programs come on when rebooting. So, i checked config for those 2 new programs and eventually for many others, but did not find any solution to this.

It was still doing it this morning and as i was still trying to settle that, the sound suddenly stopped, and soon i heard the GPU fan slowing down a little.

I checked in FahSpy and found that the GPU had just finished processing one of those 511's.

Does anyone know how i can turn off that sound if/when a 511 is processed again?

Would this have to do with the fact that yesterday i increased my cpu oc to 3500MHz?
My temps are all below 55C working Rosetta@Home on 4 cores and GPU temps never go above 65-66C.

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