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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Consider the OP's original query....I7 and Tri Sli 285's...even a 1.2kW PSU would definitely not be considered "overkill"...
Maybe, but I wasn't making a direct reference to the OP new build anyway. Et j'ai peut-etre mal choisi le terme, faut dire que je m'exprime mieux en francais qu'en anglais... ;)

Still, you sometimes come across numbers who seems a bit surprising. What about this one ? With 4 GTX295, he says his system consumes 1124 Watts at the wall (which means less then 1000W if you consider < 89% efficiency) when loaded by folding@home. Of course, couldn't tell if those numbers are "precise" or not... nor do I know how fah is good as testing power consuption...

Anyway. Choosing the best power supply for your system, for me, is an inexact science. From what I have seen, there's more people building overpowered rig than underpowered one (which is a good thing). And since it's impossible (without spending some money on some not-so-useful electronic devices) to know how much power is consumed for each lines (3.3V, 5V and 12V), it's hard to know for sure the "consumption profile" of a system. So it's hard to pick the "best" power supply. In my opinion.

Not 100% sure about the accuracy you'd get with that method, owing to DMM limitations, but the theory seems reasonably sound. Still, kind of makes you wonder about the differences that different sites are getting, even when using similar programs...
Me neither. But I particularly likes X-bit labs, so I often (wrongly?) assume they are right...

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