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Originally Posted by foxman View Post
Their methodology is explained here. The link talks about AGP graphic cards, but they didn't change their methodology with the arrival of PCI Express.

I agree with you, I also tend to err on the side of caution. But having an "overkill" PSU means not as good power efficiency in low load situations (when the computer is idling or near-idling - which is, in my case, most of the time, since it's often on from 7h to 23h).
Interesting, didn't catch that methodology article. Not 100% sure about the accuracy you'd get with that method, owing to DMM limitations, but the theory seems reasonably sound. Still, kind of makes you wonder about the differences that different sites are getting, even when using similar programs...

One of the nice things about the 80-plus program is that they also require minimum efficiencies at 20% of rated power. And a high-power rig like the one in this thread can probably manage 200W of draw at idle. But yeah, all bets are likely off if you go below 20%.
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