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Originally Posted by foxman View Post
At the reference frequencies (648/1476), EVGA GTX285 has a peak power of 150W. Well, that's what they say.
Interesting. That's a lower estimate that I've seen in other places, although since they don't seem to outline their measuring methods, can't judge that for certain. But other reviews have generally been placing the power consumption higher.

i.e SKYMTL's power consumption measurements show a 200W difference between load and idle at the wall. So if you figure on about 80% PSU efficiency, you're looking at a power consumption of about 160W+ whatever the card uses at idle. The card is overclocked, granted, but that should only account for a little extra power.

Admittedly, I tend to err on the side of caution, though. In my books, a power supply should have the capacity to handle a rig that is artificially loaded to absolute max - say, with Linpack+Furmark - both which are capable of putting their targets past their official TDP ratings. If the PSU will handle that sort of situation, you know you've got comfortable headroom for everyday work/gaming, or even folding.
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