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My System Specs


I thought I would pop a quick update in here.

I managed to get a slim SATA DVD drive after FINALLY selling my 226BW.

I decided to use an extension cable to get my Pico PSU out of the way, and then began to hunt for low-profile RAM again. Luckily, someone on the NCIX forum pointed out that the new line of Kingston Value RAM (1GB and smaller, I think) is now low-profile, despite what the spec sheets may say. I went down to a local shop to confirm, and it's TRUE!

For anyone who comes across the same problem, the model is KVR800D2N5/1G and it's PC2-6400 CL5 (I'm not sure of the rest of the specs, and I"m not overly concerned for my build) It's about 18mm tall, which is just over half of a regular DIMM's height.

Thanks to all who helped, and I'll throw some pics up of the build once I get the damn thing finished.
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