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Default Sound Card and Gaming Headset

With finals coming, school will be over soon and I will finally be able to play games again.
I am hoping to get some upgrades for that joyous occasion.
One of the upgrades I want t get is my first sound card and upgrade to a nice gaming headset.

I have vista 64-bit so the main thing for the sound card is to work. I am no audiophile and I've never really experience any problem with the quality of on board so I don't need anything really ridiculous.
currently looking at: Auzentech Forte

For the headset there are a few things I want. Comfort is really really important and an around the ear headset is a must. I'm looking more for game-immersion than being able to pick out footsteps and pwn noobs. I would also prefer a closed headset design for immersion and so if my family is around they don't have to listen to my game.
currently looking at: SteelSeries 5H V2, flirting with the idea of the Sennheiser PC350

Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Front connectors for the audio card is really preferred also

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