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Default Do people want xfire 3dmark results between a 4870x2 and a 4890 on 4.3ghz i7 ?

My 4890 has arrived. Hopefully my PS is up to the task. Results up hopefully in a few hours. Might be getting a 47" tv screen today to use as a computer monitor too later so the results might come tommorow.

I got to get my water block on the 4870x2 so I can have all three run at 850 those.

This system is testing my 850 watt PS. Max speed I can get with HT is 4.213ghz with turbo enabled.

Results with windows vista ultimate which would reduce my 06 score.

ORB - Result Analyzer

3DMark Score

SM 2.0 Score

SM 3.0 Score

CPU Score

There is definitely an improvement over just a straight 4870x2.

Definitely could be higher, I think my SM 3.0 is low

Clocks were 800/915 on the 4870x2.

Heres are some vantage results.
ORB - World of Performance

P21325 3DMarks
CPU Score 19886
Graphics Score 21852

They definitely are clocked at different speeds even when running. Here are the results with a 75mhz OC on the 4890, same clocks on the 4870x2 as the previous run. ORB - World of Performance

3DMark Score
P21640 3DMarks
CPU Score 19975
Graphics Score 22259

CPU score went up, don't know why, they are running at the same speed.

3dmark06 28736

OC of 800 on the x2 and 965 on the 4890 + 4.38 i7 (ht off those).

Image Hosted by

Getting into quad territory all cards are on air.
ORB - Result Analyzer

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