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I have the T240, very happy with it so far. Not so sure on the difference but I was looking at the same 2 monitors in the store. Went with the cheaper one that looks better.

The guy working there gave me a "free" 4 year warranty, technically $289 for the monitor $70 for the warranty. The monitor comes with a 3 year warranty, but with the extended warranty you can just take the monitor into futureshop and they'll either repair or replace it.

Coming off a 22" monitor I noticed a huge difference. The 25.5 is $100 more if you have the extra cash.

Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Good choice, I had the 22" version of the T2xx Series and that "oval shaped" pedastal stand drove me crazy with the instability....I've stated it before here..."its like having a bobblehead on your desk if you happen to bump it" little bump and it just keep going and going and going and going......I took it back within 3 days!

Can't say thats been an issue for me so far, seeing as the monitor is behind my keyboard mouse I hardly ever touch it.
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