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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Again your closed opinions.

I've sat and watched a 120hz tv and I didn't like it I found it had a tendency to be more blurry during certain situations and scenes where I've seen the same movie on a 60hz and it looked fine.
This is something i am sick of people getting wrong.

The ONLY reason anyone should buy a 120hz TV in North America is for Blu-ray. Using 120hz to watch normal HD tv is pointless since it is not needed since no one, and i mean NO ONE broadcasts in a full 24fps, 1080p signal. The highest i have ever seen is 1080i and it's normally 29.97 FPS.

The reason you want 120hz for blu-ray is quite simple. Blu-ray movies are directly ripped from the source material when the movie is shot so they are encoded at the 24fps. Unfortunately you can't divide 60hz into 24 evenly so there is something called a pulldown that fakes it and as a result some people can find it blurry on a 60hz TV. in comes the 120 and yes 240Hz tv's. both of these refresh rates are divisble by 24 without a remainder so they use a 1:1 with no pulldown. This results in a smoother picture.

120Hz is also called 24p. So unless you have a blu-ray player / ps3 then getting a 120Hz is nothing more than future proof once the broadcasters start broadcasting in 24FPS 1080p.

Having said that my projecter which does support a 120Hz / 24p looks just fine displaying OTA HD signals.

/END Rant

Anyway onto the pics. Unfortunately my camera sucks at low light so there are some artifacts which don't represent the quality.

and now for something completely different

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