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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
It works for me offence, but why is this not acceptable? You've sparked my "curiosity"...
It tends to "break" stuff, and with the latest OSes(Vista, 7, XP SP3) most of the services are "automatic" meaning they only turn on only when needed, and then turn off when done. It tends to cause weird, unexplainable quirks if you disable them, and all for what, 3 seconds less in boot time? Because that's about the only performance boost you'll see. Gains are minimal, yet the issues it can cause are major.

Unless you have a specific reason to disable a service, or you know VERY WELL what your doing, your generally better off leaving them alone. Long story short, its more of an advanced tweak, that very few people have the knowledge to do properly. While you and me may know what works and doesn't work, most people, even most computer geeks, have no clue and would end up borking something.
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