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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post

@ BrainEater; Saw your post on the F@H forums, nice work. They still have points coming in, guess it will take a bit of work to get all those bogus user accounts shut down...
Thx. Somebody had to do something.....There are posts on the forums of basically every major folding team about this , but after the initial zeroing on feb 25 , everybody appears to have forgotten about it , and there was no announcement from pandegroup , so I decided to ask for clarification.

It is my understanding they are just 'zeroing' the points.All the bots will keep folding , but no points....Probably take a while for them to hit bottom , I'm sure they get new users everyday.

They are off the threat list finally.Good riddance to bad garbage.


How old is that 260 Charlie ?
What do you think killed it ? heat ? oc ?
(I'm just curious)...

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