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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
LCDGuy, are you using a special paint for your white wall or just standard white matte?
Ideally yes. But since i currently live in an apartment i am using just a regular white paint that was already on the walls. When i buy my own place i plan on making a true home theatre. By true i mean true. I am hoping to source some theatre seats. a proper screen with curtains, etc.

Unless you have a dedicated space for the job. Just get a screen as you have to keep the pain clean or it will look like garbage not to mention good paint is kind of expesnive as it has to reflect back a certain percentage of light.

One thing i am pissed about is the new epson 1080p projectors since they have come down alot since i bought mine :(.

i want the new one that is a grand cheaper and has a dynamic CR of 75000:1 versus mine which is only 50000:1
and now for something completely different

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