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Default Holy #$^% vDroop? Huh?

Okay, so I've been playing round with Behemoth-XVI @ 25% (aka 1 processor, 4 cores + GTX295) and already the 12v rail (according to HWMonitor) drops to 11.5v or below in Windows... Holy !! I'm going to check with Supermicro's SmartDoctor monitoring software to confirm... But does my system really draw that much 12v when I'm still missing 3 CPUs, 2 TEC loops and 2 HDDS? WTH? BTW, PSU is still my Strider 1Kw (since everyone Claimed it would be enough for my monster ).

Looks like I may be getting a 1200w with at least 20A extra on the 12v rail(s) on Wednesday night...
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