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i'll post pics later. I love my setup to bits. It's almost all HD (save for a few stragglers).

Display System

Epson powerlite 1080p UB
White Matte Wall (my screen isn't 16x9)

Sound System

Marantz S5003 Reciever
JBL Venue Stadium Fronts
JBL Venue Voice Center
JBL Balcony Rear Surrounds
JBL ES30 Surround Backs
Athena P4100 10" Sub

Entertainment Components

Custom HTPC
Wii (non hi def )
Popcorn Hour NMT
Apollo Tape Deck
JVC 5 Cd Disc Changer
Technics Turntable (needs repair)

Other Parts

Belkin Power Console (i love it to bits, i think someone else here has one)


All my cables are from monoprice. I saved A TON. one example would be the 40" inwall HDMI cable i got for $40

Blu-ray Movies on this look more amazing to me than going to the theater but probably not cheaper in the long run
and now for something completely different

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