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The EVGA card is an overclocked card, which will yield better fps in games. In terms of which one is better, I would say the EVGA one is a better deal because you're not stuck with a large MIR, so if it gets refused, you won't have to worry too much about it. That, and the card comes pre-overclocked, so it's a higher binned GPU than the XFX.

Both companies are great, however it depends how you want to upgrade your card in the future. EVGA offers a Step-Up program that allows you to send in your old one in exhange for a newer model, plus the price difference between your old and new card.

XFX, however, offers a double lifetime warranty, so if you sell your card to another person, like in the BST forum here on HWC, that person also gets a lifetime warranty.

Both companies have great turnarounds for RMA, so that's not a good reason to choose EVGA over XFX, or vice versa.

I would personally go for the EVGA card because of the higher clocks on the card and the smaller MIR. I've only dealt with XFX, but from what I hear, the Step-Up program from EVGA is also fairly resonable. It's really up to you. Those are both great products. Hope this helps.
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