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I'm not sure what to think about OCCT personally. I like it for early testing, as I find it tends to catch obvious errors quickly, and about 2-3 hours is about a 90% assurance of stability, and it's great for quick FSB testing. But there's been some tweaks to version 3.0, and I occasionally notice that it no longer as consistent about catching errors. Not sure what to think about that, tbh. And the GPU testing can be a little flakey, I'm finding. Good for temp testing, although it's just using the Furmark stress tool that's available elsewhere. For P95, I generally don't consider any run less than 12hrs to be all that useful - it can easily (and regularly) go that long without catching errors. Just the way it's always been, unfortunately.

Like Vinister said, there is no one catch-all tool. Learn what each tool can do (and can't do), and mix them up for better assurance.
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