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If you already have a good cpu cooler and you are happy with your temperatures and clocks, then there is no reason to water cool it. Air coolers have come a long way, the vendetta is one of the best available. Starting from scratch, I would say water, but since you already have it, just stick with it until you have motivation to switch.

Always buy the biggest rad you can comfortably fit in your case. There's basically no downside to a bigger radiator, aside from it being, ummm, bigger. In your case that probably means a double rad. Maybe look into the new stackable swiftecs because then it gives you an upgrade path if you ever move to a bigger case. I've had a few mid-tower cases and fit double rads by removing most of the drive mounting metalwork. I usually leave the topmost spot for the DVD drive, and cut the rest clean off. Jimmy-rig some bracketry to mount a double rad sandwiched between 4 fans, then you can use the mountain mods fan brackets to mount 3 HDD's per fan.

Yes you can just use a T-line. I have been watercooling for years, and just recently bought my first resevoir. Tee's work great, you just have to watch what's going on while you're filling, make sure you bubbles come out and up and don't just go back through the pump. It helps to run the pump slowly and in 'pulses'. Each time you stop, tap the tee and the other components to help the bubbles come up and out, rocking the case to and fro. Put the Tee right at the inlet to the pump, with a fill tube coming straight up from it (not angled, straight vertical). The other side of the Tee should go down to the outlet of your rad.

As for a block, I like full-cover. You have to keep your gpu for a long time for it to be worth it, so make sure its a good one. The problem with the gpu-only blocks, is that when you overclock, the VRM's and ram still are inadequately cooled, so the card will still do the 'gpu recover' thing when under serious loads at high clocks. If you go full-cover, the whole card is cooled to the same temp so you can overclock with more stability.
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