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My System Specs


I went from Prime95 to OCCT because it was actually harder to get my systems to be stable. Hence, why I use only OCCT. I coulda been 8 hours Prime95 stable before when I was reaching 3.73Ghz, but as soon as I ran OCCT, I'd error out within an hour or so.

I refuse to use Linpack (IBT) again. Why? Simple. It made my temps skyrocket but would error out even when I was running stock. Besides, the most intensive stuff I'd run is F@H. Linpack just puts way too much load on my system, to the point where my computer would explode and die a horrible death. Ok it won't lol.

To me, my stable used to be:

12 hours of Prime 95 or Orthos
2 hours of Memtest test #5

Now its:

2.5 hours of OCCT
2 hours of Memtest test #5
Maybe I'll throw in overnight of Prime...

Would it be fine if I run GPU folding while doing this? I don't want to lose over a day's worth of folding. Keep in my NVIDIA F@H client barely uses and CPU resources now.
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