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You could probably squeak through with a single rad if you really had to. If memory serves me right, one of our members (Capt Vortex? Can't recall) was cooling a 9800GX2 on a single MCR120, and his temps were more than acceptable. As long as you're using a good pump, "pre-warming" is basically a non-issue, since the difference between the hottest and coolest points in the water loop is rarely more than a few degrees.

Video cards have a lot of temperature headroom once you get them on water, so even if you wind up having water that's running 15-20 degrees above room temp, rather than only 5 or 10, you'll still be doing better than you would with air. And at those speeds, that quad probably has plenty of temperature headroom to work with too. Finally, having said all that, it's entirely possible that you'd get just as good component temps with good air coolers.
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