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Question Help me WC my 4870 only

My Sapphire 1GB 4870 is easily the loudest and hottest component in my rig.
I'd like to watercool it for noise and temp reasons with aesthetics being a distant third reason.

I'm thinking about the Swiftech MCW60 because I can probably find a used one pretty cheap. Can I get away with just using a pump and radiator with a bleed "T" for the rest of my loop. I'm going to try and fit everything in my Antec Mini P180.

Eventually I may cool my Q9450, but it runs pretty cool with my OCZ Vendetta already. If I did add it, I was thinking about running the GPU and CPU blocks in parallel to avoid pre-warming the water for the second component. Are there blocks that have adjustable nozzles/valves for balancing multiple circuits?

What are some good choices that are compact and relatively cheap for pumps, rads, and blocks?
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