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Default Some other LX NAS tips :

Just thought I would toss a few more tips into this forum as it comes up as a high hitter in google searches, and alot of people are inquiring / questioning this units abilities.

For those of you having hangup and file corruption issues - I have managed to recreate this issue and it appears to be related to over heating issues as mentioned by one other person in another forum.

Try chucking a 10k RPM drive in this enclosure and watch it crap the bed real fast. Using a 7.2k RPM drive and it still craps the bed, but takes longer. This doesn't happen if the unit is sitting idle. If you do large file transfers to and from the drive, it starts to heat up more and causing the IC inside the LX to overheat and hang.


Use a slow-ass 5.4k RPM. Some people might say "Why would I use a slow drive like that?".. Well dont forget that the LX is only 10/100 Full duplex. Which means its maximum theoretical bandwidth is just a wee bit over 12megabytes per second. A 5.4k RPM drive can handle this just fine. And dont forget network overhead, etc. So 5.4k is MORE than enough.

Alternatively, do what I have done. I've installed a 160GB 2.5" Mobile/Notebook harddrive. To do this, all you need is a 2.5" mobile to
ATA adapter board to go inside the unit with the drive, and there is plenty of room in there when you are using a 2.5 drive.

The benefits to this are it runs pretty much 100% SILENT and generates next to NO HEAT.

The downside is the added cost of using a notebook drive - but well worth it in my opinion.
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