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My System Specs


Even though I don't support it, with that kind of money you could get a Core i7.

If you're serious bout going Phenom II, get a X4 920 or 810. If you don't mind getting a triple core, you could get the X3 720 and see if you could unlock that 4th core. These chips overclock very well as well and the performance hit shouldn't be huge.

Get a Corsair HX620 instead. Corsair has great PSUs.

I recall seeing a $199.99 ATI 4870, but I don't remember if it was the 512MB or 1GB one. Or you could get the 4890, but the prices are probably inflated since they were just released yesterday.

If you're in Ontario, Canada Computer has the OCZ Vendetta 2 on sale. I have this cooler myself and it's excellent.

Also, your parts seem to be VERY expensive. Don't forget to check out NCIX's weekly sales, price match the competition, and check the forums here for some hot deals.

Edit: Just saw the Powercolour 4890 for $269.99. Omg.
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