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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Thanks for your help anyway!

Well, the Q9400, Q9450 and Q9550 are close, but the new Quad intel will lauch (Q8400) will even have less cache than Q9400...cache is good!

I jsut want to price of that Q9550 to drop! And if the rumor that the Q9450 goes EOL, It could be the time to get one of those "larger" cache CPUs...

It would be nice if you add those CPUs up!!!!

Edit!!!! It's being done !!! THX
The Q9450 and 9550 are really close...the major diff being the multiplier...and a extra 0.5 on the multi is NOT really significant!
With the way computer changes so often there is no "long term" viable solution.

If all you do is play games there really isn't much point in buying a quad and save your money and get a 8400 as suggested then put more towards something else.

If you actually HAVE a use for a quad then sure.
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