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Default Best CPU upgrade???


I finally ordered parts for my new build last night, only thing missing is the CPU (awaiting price drops on the 19th of this month). I PMed everything to everything from NCIX (mostly using DC as the PM source/lowest price)

2 X 2 Gig GSkill F2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ DDR2 1000 @ 5-5-5-15
Xigmatek Dark Knight S 1283 (with included backplate kit)
Antec 300
2 X 120mm Antec Tri-cool fans
Arctic cooling MX-2 Thermal compound

(I'm re-using my Antec TPIII-650W, 250Gig SE16 WD HDD and (1) Evga GTX260 C216 SC)

I want to get a Quad, probably the Q9400 or the Q9450 (12Mo L2 cache)...I read somewhere that the Q9450 is supposed to go EOL...maybe the price will be good on the 19th (date where Intel drops the prices on some CPU, and introducing a few new models).

I want to OC this CPU as much as I can. I don't really want to get a Q8200 or Q8300, because the multi is too low...

My Ram can go to DDR2-1000 (even 1066 as seen in OC reviews) and the mobo is good enough to venture a little bit above the 400 FSB...So I'm aiming for around 450 FSB X 8 multi to get a decent 3.6Ghz...
Does it sounds right? Should I go Q9550 (multi is just 0.5 higher than Q9400 series)

The Q9400 can be seen at around $280 Can, Q9450 at $360 and Q9550 around $340...
So what can be expected for price drops in CAN dollars (I seen the US dollars price drop list) We can't just convert the US to CAN prices to compare, as there is more than exchange rate in the equation... and I don't want to spend more than $275 on a new what do you think? Will April 19th will bring the deals of the century? Is it even worth waiting/holding my purchase?
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