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I spoke directly with the Auzentech sales rep & their PR guys and I asked about using the Creative I/O , sorry to say they are not compatible.
I have the X-FI Fatal1ty Platinum and would like to use the I/O from mine but nada it's not going to happen. As far as future I/O stuff here's where the answers got muddy, I was able to determine that there is an expansion for the Prelude 7.1 but it will be in the rear. I suggested several times when i was sure they were receptive that "it sure would be cool if you guys had a nice little front panel like a 3.5 " panel with the same setup as the rear expansion panel. I would like to do some recording and don't want to have to get to the back of my computer every time I want to plug in a guitar or keyboard.
The Prelude is supposed to be out this week, I thought I would have one by now actually.

I even offered to send my buddy over to the Auzentech office with cash to pick a couple up, hehe
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