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Originally Posted by Jonwall View Post
Im assuming that some companies recommended grain of rice sized amounts because they were conductive, and if any came out the edges it may damage components. Also not sure of the effects on temps on say a older single core cpu vs a quadcore, im assuming more coverage will show a bigger difference on a quad but not too sure. I know my paste on the first time using slightly more than a pea size amount went over the edges a tiny bit but personally id rather have that than not have total coverage, which seems to have made a BIG difference in my temps.

Makes sense
The IHS is a heat spreader by definition. Heat flows from hot to cold, so a full contact is best especially for the direct contact heat pipes. If you put a thermocouple on the edge of an IHS you will find a good amount of heat so heat is being transferred to the edges. The material is not all that thick and probably starting to encroach on a point of diminishing returns but every degree counts.
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