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Just thought i'd chime in and say thanks to all the HWC members for their outstanding level of participation! When I approached Andrew about HWC, I knew he'd be more than happy with the community on my favourite tech site. So, thanks everyone for coming through in spades...we're getting some amazing data from real world users. I know there's still more results to come and I look forward to seeing them all.

Also, I just wanted to remind people that IC Diamond is about more than just good temps. It was also developed for extremely short set times (relative to other compounds) and also more importantly, superb long-term stability too. It's also ideal for server applications, so keep that in mind. You'll probably be done using your machine long before you ever need to worry about the ICD ever breaking down. Just thought I should bring that to everyone's attention so that if you're getting great results temp-wise, you're also getting some added benefit to go with it.

Please feel free to PM me if there's anything else anyone needs...I'm happy to help in any way I can and please support the HWC store if you're on the market for more IC7!

- D

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