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Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
If you've had your order placed and they haven't shipped it in 3 business days I'd give NCIX a call and see what's up. So you placed the order on Thursday last week? They should've shipped it by now granted that it says it was in stock.. Message on the site is typical may take 1-2 business days to ship, if it's been 3 then... hmm.. and my stuff rarely ever takes more than a day to process and I use debit instead of credit card, which takes even longer.

They usually don't take that long. Doesn't hurt to call and ask!
Considering nothing happens on the weekend if the op purchased it late afternoon on Thursday.. its only been 2 days.

How they paid will also make things take a lot longer.. Visa, EBP, etc all have different clearing times; some are faster than others.
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