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Originally Posted by ImmaPC View Post
^^In that case, I'm looking in the wrong place then I guess. So I was wrong about the availability of DVD-DL drives, but what's a good one, i.e, NOT a $60+ re-badged Plextor.
If you don't mind spending a bit more (lot more?), and would like to look further into the future, I am very very impressed with my Plextor PX-B310SA. It is a Blu-Ray ROM and DVD/CD burner, but it is fast and quiet. At $173 at, you can buy a LOT of LG or Pioneer drives for the same money, but you do get Blu-Ray.

If I could ever find any more Plextor PX-716SA's, I would grab them. That may have been the best drive Plextor ever put out.

As to non-Plextors, the LG 22x SATA I have settled down and has been working well.
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