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My System Specs


Thanks phil, beat me too it.

Sugar its look like a simple addition of some VRM heatsinks since the 285 and 260 55NM differ in layout from the previous version.

Oh and the Poo fan total comes to 7 at the present time, honestly if I could fit more I'd have them in.

Originally Posted by Toronto122 View Post
I guess putting two of these into a raven is impossible right?
It might be worth a try, if you're up to the challenge. I think with the right fan choice and installation method it could work.

As you have said, there are many variables, such as the case airflow, which can influence cpu temperature. For me, the airflow in the Antec 902 has been enough to sufficiently exhaust the heat buildup from the cooler itself so it has no negative effect on my cpu temps.
It was quite amazing to watch how things heated up when I had the side panel on, after 45 minutes or so nothing but hot air was being pushed around the cpu heatsink.

Thanks guys I appreciate the comments.



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